PSY240H1 Lecture Notes - Dementia Praecox, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, System On A Chip

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10 Jan 2011
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PSY240H1 Full Course Notes
PSY240H1 Full Course Notes
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he first described symptoms associated with schizophrenia, but didn"t label it as such. means fragmented thoughts or split head (which may be why people use schizophrenia synonymously with dissociative identity disorder but they"re different; dissociative personalities vs. hallucinations) we now know that there are a number of different subtypes of schizophrenia which can be extremely different (like catatonic vs. disorganized?) Probably one of the most researched disorders, but the reasons behind the causes and multiple symptoms are still a mystery . two or more of the following must be present for a significant portion of the time during a. Negative symptoms (lack of motivation, for example) must last more than 6 months (acute symptoms + residual symptoms) though not necessarily active throughout that period of time; just needs to add up to 6 months. affects about 1% of the population (twice as common anorexia, less common than bipolar)