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Lecture 11

Lecture 11-Understanding the Family Nov 21

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Chapter 11: The Family
Understanding the Family
- socialization
o the process where children acquire beliefs, values and behaviours considered desirable
or appropriate
- family
o 2 ppl who are related or unrelated by choice or not
- Family social system
o Complex network of relationships, interactions, and patterns of influence that
characterize a family with three or more members
o Traditional nuclear family
Family unit consisting of a wife/mother, a husband/father, and their dependent
o Direct effect
Instances in which any pair of family members affects and is affected by each
o Indirect effect
Relationship b/w 2 individuals is modified by the behaviour or attitude of a third
o Coparenting
Both parents mutually support each other and function cooperatively in raising
o Extended family
Group of relatives from more than just the immediate family who live together
o Blended or reconstituted families
New families resulting from remarriage that includes step-children etc.
Parental Socialization During Childhood and Adolescence
- Acceptance/responsiveness
o If the parent is labelled as this then they are very good at accepting and responding to
the child
o If not labelled as this parents are quick to criticize and ignore child
- Demandingness/ control
o Dimension of parenting that describes how restrictive and demanding parents are
- Two dimensions are independent and can bring about 4 different styles of parenting techniques
through interaction
- Refer to pg. 354 chart
- Behavioural control
o Regulating the child through firm discipline and monitoring of his conduct
- Psychological control
o Regulating the child through psychological tactics such as withholding affection,
inducing shame/guilt etc.
- Transcational model
o Parent and child influence each other reciprocally as opposed to the parent effects
model and child effects model
- Family distress model
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- Acculturation stress
o Anxiety that new residents feel upon attempting to assimilate to a new culture and its
- No-nonsense parenting
o Mixture of authoritative and authoritarian parenting styles that proves to have
favourable outcomes for African American mothers
The Influence of Siblings and Sibling Relationships
Diversity in Family Life
- Donor insemination
o Process in which a fertile woman conceives with the aid of sperm form an unknown
- Complex stepparent home
o Family consisting of two married adults each of whom has at least 1 biological child
- Simple stepparent home
o Family consisting of parent and his biological children and the stepparent
- Ownness effect
o Tendency of parents in complex homes to favour their own biological children than
- Self-care children
o Children who care for themselves after school
When Parenting Breaks Down: The Problem of Child Abuse
- Child abuse
o Anything that is extreme mistreatment of a child