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Bipolar Disorder: - Characterized by alternating periods of depression and mania - Manic Episodes - Elevated mood, increased activity, diminished need for sleep, grandiose ideas, racing thoughts, and extreme distractibility - Excessive involvement in pleasurable but foolish activity - Hypomanic episodes - less extreme, less disruptive Mood Disorders: - Cognitive factors: the "cognitive triad", learned helplessness model - Situational Factors: life stressors, particular interpersonal loss; protective quality of close relationships - Biological Factors: genetics, monoamine deficiency (neurotransmitters that regulate emotion and arousal and motive behaviour), biological rythms Schizophrenia - A mental disorder characterized by alterations in perceptions, emotions, thoughts, or consciousness - Different Subtypes: - Paranoid Type - Disorganized Type - Catatonic Type - Undifferentiated Type - Residual Type - Positive Symptoms: Excesses in behaviour (Not happy) - Delusions: False personal beliefs based on incorrect inferences about reality - Persistence in beliefs despite clear evidence to the contrary - Hallucinations: False sensory experiences (can involve any of the senses) that are experienced without an external sources - Loosening of Associations: Speech patterns in which thoughts are organized or meaningless - Disorganized Behaviour: Acting in strange or unusual ways, including strange movement of limbs, bizarre speech, and inappropriate self-care, such as failing to bathe, etc. - Negative Symptoms: Deficit in functioning includes behaviours such as: - Apathy - Blunted emotion - Slowed, monotonous speech - Slowed movement - Negative symptoms are much more difficult to treat than positive symptoms: different causes - Genetic Component to it - Environmental Stress - Is primary a brain disorder - Enlarged ventricles Personality Disorders: - Characterized by interacting with the world in maladaptive and inflexible ways, over a long period of time, resulting in social/wor
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