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Dan Dolderman

PSY100 #22 Cultural Psychology Dec 3-Thursday: By SiLu Liu Cultural Psychology LAST CLASS!!!! Cultural Psychology -historically, psychology has been a Western-dominated science, with somewhat different emphases coming from European, North American researchers -we know that there is tremendous variability within culture, but theres a lot of cross- country similarity -e.g. all culture speak a language btw 10-70 phonemes, smiling when happy BUT >>> Cultures Provide Frameworks for Meaning e.g. a college student goes out for a cappuccino. What does this mean? - thirsty, a demonstration shes quitting her diet, an effort to wake herself up, to hook up BUT in other cultures it is not appropriate for women to go to coffee shops on their own, not desirable to pursue a body weight less than what one currently has, sinful to use artificial stimulants to wake yourself up, romantic relationship are arranged.. Cultural psychologist are interested in: -cross-cultural similarities -differences -how different meaning systems & social norms affect how people feel, think & behave -how people adapt to transitioning from one culture to another -what happen when people are bi-cultural (Asian Canadian, with Asian influence from family, community, language, and Canadian influence from their larger communities, non-Asian friends, media, English, etc) -where culture comes from in the first place (very interdisciplinary) Cultures as Adaption Dov Cohen different economies and ecologies lead to different cultural adaption. Important work has been done to show this and any consideration of cultural differences must take this as>>> -Why are the US South and West so violent? -note the irony of good socialization violent! -Are they? Compare the S-W with the N-E. Culture Honour Archival data: 1
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