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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

Psychology Winter Session th January 8 2013 Dan Dolerman [email protected] INTRODUCTORY TO PSYCHOLOGY Why study psychology?  Re-framing  Psychology is the study of what makes people tick, the mechanics of the mind  Psychology can help you understand yourself better  Psychology can help people, ex. Social work, education etc.  How to deal with stress  The study of the beliefs of certain people  Understanding why people do what they do Experimental Participation  Must participate in four studies worth - 4% Fundamental Insights of Psychology  Fundamental Insight #1 o Reality is a story told to us by our brains  Reality is not as it appears, we go through life thinking we are interacting and perceiving with the real world. In truth, we interact with an interpretation of reality. A story we create ourselves. Victim of circumstance is reality affects you. As an author of a story you can change reality.  Our brains are artists, not mirrors; our experiences do not reflect reality but rather a construction, or representation of reality.  The construction process involves a lot of guess work “filling in the gaps”  We are not aware what we are filling these gaps, we do it subconsciously, therefore the truth we think is real is our guesswork. Our Perceptual system is done by guesswork.  This subjective representation occurs within the brain. Understanding the human is understanding the brain.  We only have access to a limited subset of reality  This is due to the limitation of our sensory-perceptual system  Our attention capacity is not infinite  Therefore there are things in reality we do not perceive  We are navigating and making decisions really fast with this limited sub-set of reality  We hope our guesswork is well enough
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