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Michael Inzlicht

st WK 4 – Lec #3 – January 31 , 2013 Maintenance of Stereotypes: Cognitive ● “Racists for Obama” ● Subtyping ○ re-fence stereotype-disconfirming individuals ○ allows for maintenance of stereotypes and prejudice ○ allows ppl to feel non-prejudiced Macrae, Milne, & Bodenhausen, 1994 ● humans have developed cognitive “tools” allowing us to analyze social environment efficiently ● stereotypes are one of these tools ○ they allow us to forego effortful individuation, they make useful predictions, when taxed, ppl use stereotypes ○ Are stereotypes energy-saving devices ● Participants performed two tasks simultaneously ● Task 1 - Impression Formation ○ Name followed by 10 traits terms ○ Half given a stereotypical (e.g., doctor, artist, skinhead). Half given no label ○ Half of the traits were stereotypic, half-neutral ● Task 2 - Information Monitoring ○ Ps heard a two minute passage on Indonesia ● DV: Recall of traits with appropriate targets; performance on MC test on passage ● Results confirmed predictions: ○ stereotypes improved recalls ○ for stereotypic and neutral item ○ improved MC performance Bruner & Goodman, 1947 ● Deviation from actual size for coins - coins had greater deviation from actual size ● the size of discs had very little deviation from the actual size ● Rich 10 yo shows at least a 10% deviation from actual size ● Poor 10 yo shows at least a 22% deviation from actual size for coins ● poor 10 yo sees 25 cent coin as 50% larger Confirmation Bias ● St
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