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Lecture 11

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Michael Inzlicht

LECTURE 11 – WK 12 APR 2 ND2013 Computerized Assessment and the Future of Testing Computers in Testing - Computer-Assisted Psychological Assessment (CAPA) o Design Individualized tests o Interpret test results o Write Reports o Present Test Stimuli Computer-Based Test Interpretation: Current Status - Scoring reports o Present scores, profiles, and confidence intervals - Descriptive reports o Provide a brief desc. Of each scale - Examples: WAIS-IV (Fixed Battery -> discrepancies are obvious), Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI), and Conners Continuous Performance Test – II o *Flexible -> not always the same test administered Clinical vs. Actuarial Prediction - Clinical Prediction uses examiner’s own judgment to diagnose, classify or predict behaviour - Actuarial prediction uses an empirically derived formula to diagnose, classify or predict behavior o Facilitated by (but not synonymous with) computerized testing “Even though outlier studies can be found, we identified no systematic exceptions to the general superiority (or at least material equivalence) or mechanical [actuarial] prediction. It holds in general medicine, in mental health, in personality, and in education and training settings. It holds for medically trained judges and for psychologists. It holds for inexperienced and seasoned judges” (Grove, Zald, Lebow, Snitz, and Nelson, 2000, p. 25) Computer-Based Test Interpretation: Current Status - Computer-assisted clinical reports o Interpretive statements assigned to test results are based upon the judgment of one or more
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