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1. In a study 2 groups were given material…group a was given 2 hours to study material given by the test, group b was given one hour and then the test, group b outperformed group a….they took advantage of what? The testing effect 2. A scientist presents research where he finds correlation coefficient…what does this tell you about how social anxiety increases with alcohol consumption? Nonsensicle 3. According to operant conditioning, a negative reinforcement does_____ likelihood of being repeated… increases 4. The misinformation effect is a result of what memory process? Reconsolidation 5. According to the research done on feature binding, what effect does other features have on visual-spacial memory objects…none 6. Frederick hit his head on the ice and was knocked unconscious… retrograde amnesia 7. Joe recognized grape was a word more quickly when it followed the fruit than when it followed the bus…lexical decision task, or ldt 8. You find yourself later in the evening after a day of successful studying sessions…your bodily systems focus on digestion and relaxation, which part of the nervous systm is activated? … parasympathetic 9. You have 2 different friends from 2 different countries who enjoy different foods…what is the best explanation for the differences in tastes? …they grew up with different preferences in taste 10. Which of the following is something of which there is no evidence that hypnosis is not useful for?... not useful for recovering details of traumatic memories 11. ______ allows us to understand language through the individual words and morphines…syntax 12. There was a general fear in adopting materialism in psychology, this fear is referred to as… zeitgeist 13. If someone asks you a question while you weren paying attention, you find that after asking pardon you know what they ask… echoic memory 14. To learn the very latest scientific findings… conferences 15. A baby saying agaga is an example of what language milestone? …babbling 16. A researcher is interested in children brain pattern as they sleep…which neuro measure is most appropriate for the researcher to use?...EEG 17. What process must follow long term to short term memories… consolidation 18. Jeff explains im so hungry I could eat a house, ____ allows him to realize theyre not being literal… pragmatics 19. A psychology class was told theyre going to…half the class decided to stay in the clas
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