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Michael Inzlicht

Lecture 9: Ageism & Sexism Ageism • Juvenile ageism • But mostly to elderly. Which is an interesting one because it’s an out-group now but will (hopefully) one day be our in-group. • Takes the form of: o Patronizing language (overaccomodation, baby talk, talking overly loudly in case they have poor hearing) o Patronizing behaviour (infantialization, condescending treatment, assumption of physical and mental deterioration) • Gurtman et al o Results showed in-group favoritism rather than out-group derogation o And the results may not generalize to social eval’s o i.e. more +ve thoughts about young than old • Origins of ageism: o Societal age grading o Dominance of youth culture o Media o Fear of death (and they remind us of this eventuality) • Terror management theory (we want to avoid thoughts of death) • Ageist self-stereotypes: o Will we internalize the societal beliefs about older ppl for when we get older? o These stereotypes are so ubiquitous and may operate below awareness • Evidence that these self-stereotypes about aging had a significant correlation with actual health experienced. (i.e. more positive beliefs about aging  healthier when older in terms of low b.p., living 7.5 years longer (exercising regularly seems to only increase life by about 4 years), fewer strokes, fewer heart attacks, etc.) o i.e. when you forget something and you blame it on being older, that is not a good belief to have. Because it happens to everyone to forget things. Sexism • 1859: married women were granted the right to own property • 1875: first university degree granted to a woman • 1918: Canadian women become eligible to vote • 1921: first female MP • 1940: women gain right to vote in Quebec • Currently: o Gender wage gap = 70% o Pay equity wage gap = 85% (controls for different kinds of work, etc. and it’s less different, but still a gap) o Female managers =
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