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Michael Inzlicht

PSY lecture Jan 18 Short answers come from the slides. Basics of communication in nervous system. Billions of neurons are getting engaged every single time we do something. Split brain, endocrine Biological bases of behavior Communication in the nervous system Organization of the nervous system Researching the brain Components of the neuron. - Binary code. It either senses repulses or it doesnt. All dependent on the firing of the neurons. If it doesnt fire, it is the basics of the medical diseases. - Dendrites: Receiver of the information. Places that receive information. They are like locks. Theyre sitting there and wait for the key to go in. If the key turns into the lock, other keys say shut it off. Those are inhibitory. Dendrites are receiving information from the terminal buttons from other neurons. Terminal buttons lay just above dendrites. The space between dendrites are synapses. - Cell body: transmitter of molecules. Permeable. Ions can flow back and forth. - Axon: where summation of energy comes in. Tells neuron to fire. Electro chemical energy fires down. As the energy fires down the terminal buttons, it forces them all to go to the synapse. - Dendrites cell body axon terminal buttons.
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