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Ashley Waggoner Denton

Page 1epiphanywhat are you hoping is going to be different happiness motivationyou always say this time is different lol change your approach to things coping strategieshow are you going to make your motivations stick perception looking at things in a different wayselfcontrol not giving in to learned helplessness changing our cognitive habits more control over yourself readjusting lens schemas thoughts feelings etcwhat is the most functional way to think in certain circumstancesknowing what the right way to be is and actually being that way are two separate entities self control and regulation selfawareness mindfulness how to better harness motivations everyone can feel motivation but we want it to last positive psych is a young disciplineMarty siligmand learned helplessnesscognitive understanding of depression he originally focused on the person as a problem that needs to be fixed minimize disfunction if you cure someone of depression does that make them happy ex give antidepressants but that doesnt make them joyouswe make a big deal about the dogs that learned helplessness but what about the other dogs that kept trying and trying we didnt study that ex children who grew up in deprived circumstances ie alcoholic parents divorce etc but thrive and almost developed a resilience World War Two clinical psych became more researched less focus on growth oriented more fixing peoplehumanistic psychology third force Maslow 1st psychoanologic Freud traditions 2nd behaviourism skinner etcbut humanistic psych didnt build a good strong empirical foundation and research it didnt become the third force but it wanted to be so marty wanted to resurrect thisnew POSITIVE PSYCH rebrand old humanistic movementthe boundaries of positive psychology is blurry clinical psych is related basic theme how you can take yourself and what can you do that can shift you to greater well being ex certain goals more exercising etc working with your intact self how can we set goals more effectively structure them better so we can better achieve themflow how you can effectively make something happen accomplish goalsbeing your better self
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