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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto St. George
Michelle Hilscher

Lecture 5Lecture summary 1 Does facial feedback shape actual emotion 2 Is emotional expression a good barometer for actual emotion 3 How might physical and psychological factors impact decoding of emotional expressions 4 How do emotional expressions unconsciously impact us 1FeedbackFloyd Allport feedback from face helps differentiate negative emotions anger vs fear we can feel general negativity bad mood in general it will lead us to focus on facial muscles to help distinguish what exactly the negative emotion is ExFeelfeel tense jaw angerFace help shape and label general negativity emotionSylvan Tomkins facial muscles differentiate all emotions Affect is primarily facial behavior facial muscles tell u all about emotions Happiness anger etcAcross valence of emotions Extreme it is facial that differentiate between emotions it is also more importantly the key to how you feel affect is due to facial muscle onlyFace is the place for emotion Sylvans viewEvidence1Newborn babies responsiveness to facial stimulation face expression developed quickly2Development of head movement visual fixations eyehand coordination foundation3 Afferentefferent channels more channels from facebrain4Facial muscles are resistant to habituation involuntary responses hard to inhibit Ex eyes5Face is center of expressionThe last point has been researched by EkmanFriesen Though they emphasized on emotional expression only Thus face is central to emotional expression It has a high sending capacity that is facilitated by two things 1 Facial muscle transmit huge amount of information very quickly Way beyond other muscles Micromomentary affect display 150s wont even register consciously low transmission time
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