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Psychology notes - cultural psychology (Dolderman)

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Dan Dolderman

Cultural Psychology November-10-11 11:12 AM Cultural psychology - We start with universals, such as the needs for belonging, meaning, autonomy/freedom, competence/control, emotional security - There's tremendous variability across cultures - Some common understandings between all cultures - Some things are very different between cultures - Cultures provide general frameworks of meaning, shared understandings, myths, stories… all of which guide our thinking an provide an interpretive frame to help us make sense of our experiences - It's not that different from a collective mind. And just like mind is an adaptive organism, seeking to fit the organism to its circumstances, cultural trends arise for good reason, and much can be learned but taking a functionalist approach to the study of culture Cultures as adaptation - Just as animals adapt to their ecological niches The culture of honour - How the US south and west are more violent than the east and north - Archival data: more argument related murders in southern US, especially in hills and dry plains compared to moist plain areas - Hawkish international policy, right to bear arms, capital punishment… Culture starts early - The terrible twos ○ In NA, the emergence of the self is universally accompanied by insanity!! ○ Screaming fits, rage, no! extreme volatility - The not so terrible twos ○ But in Pygmy tribes of Africa, in Mexico, Japan, etc. this stage is remarkably less pronounced and almost non-existent ○ The same struggle for individuation doesn't occur to the same degree, so culture is being transmitted even as early as 2 and reflected through parenting practices and children's development A dominant theme - US, Australia, Canada emphasize personal distinctiveness, individualistic - China, SA emphasize group harmony, cooperation - Urban vs. rural, educated vs. not The twenty statements test - This broad difference in cultures can be found at the individualistic level - Answer the question I am… 20 times
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