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Daniela Palombo

Sept 24 Declarative MemoryGuest lectures are testable understand what the technology is about and the disadvantageadvantages are of each technology Every day is alone in itself whatever enjoyment ve had and whatever sorrow Ive hadRight now Im wondering Have I done or said anything amiss You see at this moment everything looks clear to me but what happened just before Thats what worries me Its like waking from a dream I just dont rememberHM Class QuizThe dorsal roots control sensory information while the ventral roots control motorinformation An example of structural neuroimaging is CTfMRI PET EEG MEG are examples of functional neuroimagingQuestions we will answerAre all learning and memories the same If not are there different neural circuits mediating different types of learningHow do we study memory Patient work healthy humans animal modelsVideo of CliveEncephalitis patient lost ability to from and retain long term memories Despite severe memory loss still has very fond affection for his wife Feels like hes waking up from a dream Despite the fact that he can no longer form new memories nor ones from the pat he still has the ability to play the piano no trouble learning new songsones from before distinction between declarative and nondeclarative memory WATCH ONLINEMeet Patient HM Bicycle accident age 9 Epileptic seizures since age 16Stopped working age 27 Henry Gustav Molaison born Feb26 1926 left no survivors He left a legacy in science that cannot be erased Seizures originated in medial temporal lobes MTL common location where seizures originate including hippocampus H Removed MTL bilaterally Post surgery o No language perceptual or motor deficits o IQ unchanged 118o Intact shortterm memorycould hold thoughts in his head 40 sec or so if you gave HM a digit span task 12468 he is able to repeat the digits back to youo However he complained of severe memory loss o Referred to Brenda Milner neuropsychologisto HN was radically changed o Longterm memory loss severely amnesicMemory systems lessons from HM Short term memory o Seconds to minutes o Digit span 4162234556Long term memoryo Minutes to years o Ex capital of France I was born in Alberta BBQ at Jakes houseLong Term memory loss AmnesiaHM could not remember events from the past before the surgery and cannot learn new events after the surgery
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