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Lecture 2

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Jennifer Fortune

Social Cognition What is Social CognitionThinking about people y People first y Inner processes serve interpersonal functions 1 Social acceptance relationship formation and maintenance 2 Competing against others for our goals serve to meet our needs as social beingsCognition is thoughts in generalsocial cognition is how we think of people around usWe have a fundamental need to belong to groups or relationships etcWhy People Think and Why They DontThree goals of social thinking y Discover the right answer y Confirm the desired answer we already know the response we want so we find evidence to prove our thoughtsex lawyers gather all info that helps build their case and ignore info that contradicts their side y Reach the answer quickly we come up with strategies to answer questions quickly so we dont have to spend a lot of time on itCognitive miserreluctance to do much extra thinking y Miserfrugal beingcognitive miserdont want to spend cognitive resources to find answerspeople want the answer quickly and be frugal with cognitive resources so we can use them for more important tasks ex dont remember every face you seeserverThe Duplex MindTwo Systems y The Automatic Systemwe dont want to spend a lot of time thinking about these taskstasks become automatic to us dont use a lot of cognitive resourcesdont have to think about every step ex social categories judging gender easy to see male or female y The Conscious Systemuse a lot of cognitive resourcesconsciously think of what youre doing more difficult tasks need to expand effort to encode info ex listening in lectureneed to pay attention to understand Elements of Automatic ThinkingIntentionnot guided by intentionmay not be intending to respond in certain ways but automatic system does it anyway ex male or femaleControlnot subject to deliberate controlcant control these automatic thoughts they happen if you want them to or not ex cant unlearn the alphabetEffortno effort requiredcan think about these things with limited cognitive resourcesEfficiencyhighly efficient
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