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Lecture 8


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Maja Djikic

LECTURE 8 Cognitive Approach pg406435Lecture Textbook Notes George Kelly Born in Kansas in 1905 father Presbyterian minister Biography parents devout fundamentalists An only child his mother doted on him mother especially fond of him Parents devoutly religious and always working to help the needyone room school house taught at home Attended oneroom elementary school BA in mathphysicsMA in educational socio Attended high school in Wichita Kansas living away from home received fellowship award from scottland much of the time after he was 13 Iowa PhD BA in physics and mathematics started in physiological psych but there wasnt much Developed interest in psychology and entered into graduate school demand so he turned to clinical at the University of Iowa in 1930 didnt have his own clinical approach at the time so tried Worked in physiological psychology but decided to drop it for more out many different ones humanitarian work served in WW2 Worked hard on the development of psychological services for the when he returned there was a demand for clinical state of Kansaspsychologists He was a major force in establishing traveling psychological clinics at Ohio state he formed his theories of personalityWWII had brought considerable demand for training of clinical he didnt write very much but he was a professor so had psychologists impacts on psychology in that way In 1946 became professor at Ohio State Universityover the next twenty years built it into one of the best clinical programs in the world Died in 1967Structural Kelly based his approach to psychology on a single philosophical we attempt to understand the world through our Constructs assumption personal constructs Constructive alternativism as we experience life we hold on to the constructs if they We assume that all of our present interpretations of the universe fi tin to our experiences are subject to revision or replacement we act according to how we construct our interpretation World in which we live is one of continually changing interpretations of the world ex if we construe world to be hostile place or points of view rather than a world of frozen meanings ex chair we act accordingly isnt just a seat could be a weapon knowing is primary factor of development Person Human being is not passive and inertAll behavior is anticipatory in nature Ex anticipate doing wellBehavior is the persons way of posing questions about lifedo it
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