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University of Toronto St. George
Hywel Morgan

LECTURE 1: Concepts ofAbnormality o What is abnormal psychology-easy to recognize but hard to define. Strange behaviour is insufficient reason to diagnose someone A)statistical criteria B) cultural norms C) developmental norms D) frequency, intensity, duration DSM 4: deviation in the norm for language or mathematical ability. DSM: has tried to catch more people. Statistical Criteria A. Average I.Q:100 that means you intlligience for your age is exactly the same for most people your age. Ideally this is what we want to do. Ideally define abnomral a statistical criteria from the norm. Collect a lot of data from people on what they think, feel and do to see what most people think feel and do. Outline frequency is low, a normal distribution curve, not many at extremes. Memory is a behaviour.Angry is an aggression and passive is a behaviour. Thirsty is a behaviour. Abnormal-thoughts, feelings and actions are all behaviours if abnormal. Ie/blowing nose is behaviour which can be abnormal. Too many times can be considered abnormal. Caffeine regularly abused substance. Problem with Statistical criteria as a definition: creates circumstances that are unfavourable ie/caffeine withdrawal 1)disregards to unfavourable common behaviours there are two. In a non-objective world, abnormal means what most of the population does not display. Ideally, psychiatrists would like to determine deviations based on statistical data.What most people do, think, or feel. Behaviours include memories, emotions, actions, thoughts, etc. Restricted to behaviours that are common and disregards deviant behaviours that are favourable. IQ of over 125 is considered gifted but abnormal, IQ of under 75 is also abnormal. Both are considered pathological. To be gifted is favourable.DSM-5 states that substance abuse is pathological. Regularly using any substance that can alter your mind (including caffeine).Includes most people Culture Norms A. What may be normal in one situation or environment may not be normal in another one. Certain behaviours that are distinctive to be considered abnormal in most societies. Ie/so severely different from the norm, this disorder is abnormal: schizophrenia. • Drinking not common in muslim or jewish • Content behaviour differs. Ie/schiz: content of hallucinations differs among cultures Example: public getting naked-abnormal and illegal.All public nudity is not abnormal but normal in such as locker room therefore situationaly defined. • What might be normal in one society, culture, situation, or environment may not be normal in another • Schizophrenia is so severe and distinctive that it is considered pathological in almost all cultures • The content of hallucinations differs between cultures • NativeAmerican rituals • Public nudity is abnormal (and illegal) in most places, but in a locker room, it is okay • Situationally defined • Stealing and violence is okay for a child but illegal for adults Developmental Norms o
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