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Neil Rector

Psy240 Lec 1 Psychological disorder psychological dysfunction some kind of change and break down in cognition and behavioral functioningthat occur in individual and it isAssociated with some degree of distress or impairment It is a response that is not typical and not expected When ppl are depressed they are more focused to negativity When ppl get anxious overly concern and preoccupied with threats in the environment Each clinical problem has its own specific change in emotion These emotional change can be consistent Also expected to see changes in behavior when ppl get depressthey become withdrawtry to escape things that make them uncomfortable eg etering a mall feel uncomfortabletry to escape Difft degree of dysfunction some ppl only experience occasionallyDysfunction could be occur in specific situation or day to day basis Idea of psychological dysfunction in a continuumfrom 0100 scale we have to determine which one is normal and below it is abnormal eg hearing voice is common30 population reports having panic attack in the past monthscould we draw a line say that they have panic problem We have to have a boundary between ab and normal Psychological dysfunctioneg personality disorderperson might not feel uncomfortable about this Not everyone is distressed by psychological dysfunction 2 impairment psyc
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