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University of Toronto St. George
Neil Rector

PSY240H1 JANURAY 20 2012 Clinical assessment and diagnosisDiagnosisclassification of Psychological disorder diagnostic and statistical manual DSM semistructured clinical interviews SCID Clinical assessmentaspects of assessment clinical interview behavioral assessment neuropsychological and neuroimaging psychological testing Assessment begins when clinicians see someone and gatheres information what is the presenting difficulty and factors contributuing why is this person experience this problem no at this timeOverlap in problems so ask in detail so they can separate may ask life events that were challenging antoher factor is is person going through disease people depressed after stroke and haeart attack asthma panic disordersMake sure working with family doctor ot rule out illness contributing itDrug or alcohol is involved in symptom difficulty drug help account for symptoms smoke joint and think they are going to die drug induced Personal family history other family members currently or in past genetic associationLast area clinician listening and questions to ascertain how they are doing in congentive function all come together to make diagnoses clues to how to treat it To give direction how it should be treatedConcepts that determine the value of clinical assessments Clinicians doing same reliabilitythe degree to which a measurement is consistent Tests of reliabilitytestretest reliability similar results at two points in time do find similar have good testinternal reliabilitydifferent parts of test produce similar results why may second part not produce same thing bc of bias in scale influence first half vs second half first half causes maybe able when personal you get tired good tests control for fatigueinterrater reliabilitytwo or more raters come to similar conclusions different clinicians have different frameworks implications for accurate treatment political and financial consequences high functioning lawyer saw doctor about stress and doctor said multiple personality nd 2 aspect is validitydegree to which a technique measures what it is designed to measureTypes of validityface validityappears to measure what it should measure would you be comfortable not need to ask question low face validity interviewed for institute and asked sexual practice and fantasycontent validityassesses all important aspects of phenomenon example of intelligence what factors comprise intelligence maybe use logic would that capture all aspects memory short term and working comprehension some people say creativityconcurrent validitytest yields the same results as other similar measuresJohnny grade 3 two
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