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Assessment & Diagnosis

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Lecture 2AssessmentDiagnosisSome measures would differ for childrenadults but the assessment process is the sameDiagnosis of Abnormality Advantages of Classificationcollect information for statistical purposesgovernment can use this informationneed to describe to understand why it developed in the first place etiologywhy diagnoseassess if cant treat itIs this something Ill have to live with for the rest of my life Or is just for a couple of monthsResearchshould apply broadly not to just the person were working withonSo other people know what you are talking about when say depressionothers will know how the patient is presentingReliefknow that there is treatment or that its not that serious etc classification could be a disadvantage because feel labeled have stigma attached to certain disorders etcDisadvantages of ClassificationArbitrary Where to draw the line ie is someone who has 49 of the depression symptoms but to de considered depressed have to have 59 symptomsis it really different How does something get into the DSMDepends on research literatureHas to apply crossculturallyPolitical environmentSocial climateDSMeverything in neat categories when there is really a continuum category assumes that everything is distinct from each other but really they can sometimes overlap between different diagnosis ie Fear and anxietyis in anxiety disorder but also in other diagnosis we see a lot of ppl with many disorders at oncethe DSM would assume that they are distinct from each other but there could be one thing at the root of all the disorders Classification can be misusedsee stuffdiagnosis that isnt really there will look for symptoms that agree when its probably just a normal reaction to a situationeventOVERdiagnosis influence things like custody of a child life insurancethe way people are perceived if someone is diagnosed one way in one place when go to another hospital it will affect the way ppl see them they look at them through coloured lenses etc Two people might have the exact same diagnosis BUT present in different waysthe
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