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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Obsessive Compulsive DisorderMovieAnxiety disorder affects 1 of the populationSymptomsRitualistic behaviourrecurrent persistent thoughtsanxiety in thoughts and actionsconsidered OCD when these behaviours cant be controlledOften obsessed by unpleasant or inappropriate thoughtsbecome highly anxious and distressed when they cant purge these thoughts so many take on compulsive behaviours difficult controlling thoughts and behaviours Eating Disorders The Obesity Epidemic64 of American adults are overweight BMI25 or obese BMI3025 of American children are overweight or obese The prevalence has doubled over the past 2 decades Rates of obesity in childrenIncreasing rate over the decades and continuing to rise 5 to 15 for boys and 5 to 13 for girls ObesityAssociated with health problems ex CV disease diabetes high blood pressure high cholesterolObesity costs the US 100 billion annually and causes 300000 deaths annuallya mental disorder although it can be the result of an eating disorder Obesity itself is notThe Eating Disorder EpidemicThere has been a parallel increase in the prevalence of dysfunctional eating practices including eating disorders and unhealthy weight lossMore prevalent in Westernized culturesWesternized culture simultaneously promotes the thin ideal and excessive consumptionDieting45 of women and 25 of men are on diets to control their weight at any given time16 of women between 19 and 39 are perpetual dieters70 of 10 year olds have dietedAmericans spend 30 billion per year on weight loss productsnot surprising preoccupation with food and weight can lead to a clinical disorderOverview of Eating DisordersAnorexia NervosaBulimia NervosaEating disorder not otherwise specifiedex Binge eating disorder
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