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PSY240 MARCH 8 2012 SEXUAL AND GENDER IDENTITY DISORDERSKate Whiteridge CAPS INTRODUCTIONSexuality is one of the most personal aspects of lifeEach of us has our own preferenfes and fantasiesWhen fantasies or desres begin to affect us or tothers in unwanted or harmful ways they negin to qualify as normalSexual disordersGender disorder disorder personality not fit biological sexParaphilias sexual arousal with in aprroaprate objects or peopleSexual dysfunctioninadequalty when having sex Gender isdentity disorder Are u a man or women Gender roles ingrained in child hood Not create confusion of gender if have stress most psych disorders not question male or female men and women feel tat bio sex not rep what they are Not in anatomy not persuade what people say not bio gender Transexualism in adults and in children From mild blissful desire man wish to be women then a preoccupational that drives personal goalsUnmistakanbale signs in crossgender in people who are aged 3 not socialized strong signs they identify one gender not another and one not bio gender Present with gender identity disorder not until 60 majority of life not identify with bio dis More in men but with women in homosexuals and heterosDsm category include people who are gender dismorphic just unhappy Gender disphoriadiscontent of bio sex and desire to have physical characteristics of opp sexand want people to view u of opposite sex not just do it but want to a mismatch between gender and sex more in male bc it worries the person not just feminine behavior but identity
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