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Lecture 9

PSY270H1F Lecture 9

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University of Toronto St. George
Kristie Dukewich

PSY270H1F L9 Nov 14 2012 o stimulusresponseo Encodingelephant Lecture Outline o Conceptual peg hypothesis Chapter 10 Imagery o Results when stimulusconcretebetter performance in concrete condition whether stimulus concrete orImageryperception abstract better at giving response if concrete than o Investigations of mental imagery abstract o Imagery debate o Proposes conceptual peg hypothesis when have a o Interactions btwn imageryperception concrete stimulus it serves as a peg on which you can o Video games ndhang the 2 response precisely because concrete nounsNeuroscience of imagery invoke images o fMRI o TMS o NeuropsychologyImageryMemory o Mnemonics distinctiveness o Eidetic memory o synethesiaIclicker In PDP models of semantic networks connection weights apply to which of the followingA hiddenunits o mostB input unitsC output unitsD all of the aboveE none of the aboveWhich is true regarding exemplars but not prototypes Mental RotationA they can account for family resemblance o bothB they can explain priming effects o bothC they can easily take into account atypical casesD They can explain stereotypesE They can involve an avg of common category numbers o prototypesImagerymental picslike seeing wo visual stimulationwho has bushier eyebrows JB or Simon CowellHelpful imagery in sport o Sports psychology When an athlete takes time imagine well executed welltimed elegant performanceimprove performance later on when literally engaged in spot Problem Not a bhvrtough to measure count control manipulatethe imagery debate o One of the most private experiences we can haveIncredible controversy during era of bhvrismDual Coding TheoryPaivio words that represent concrete objects are represented twice in memory concreteex Tv remote computercan touch o Verballinguistic attributes o Imaginalabstract attributeso Attributes related to visual representation of objectsChronometric exploration of imagery Increases likelihood of recalling concrete itemsConditions Pictureplane rotations mental rotations involving a 2D rotation of the picpage bottom 2 pics Pairedassociation test given a list of paired words in each stnddepth rotations involve 3D rotation of the object itself in pair the 1 word is called the stimulusthe 2 word is called space the top 2 pics the response given time to study the words during test phase stgiven 1 wordasked to give responseMentally rotating 3D images
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