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Nick Rule

Lecture 4 Person Perception July 12 , 2012 Thursday Perceiving sexual orientation Review from last class o How race is best defined? o Norm, exemplar, and visual cues o Consequences Longer sentences Death penalty Dehumanization Sexual orientation Detection theory o [ex] signal Radar data for WWII Sonar Hearing tests: sound/ no sound played to create a matrix of potential responses When you hear something with no sound, its a false alarm Sound played, I heard something, its a hit I heard nothing when sound played, its miss I heard nothing, when no sound played, its correct rejection take the average of correctly heard and correctly heard nothing = percent correct o Does not account for guessing can inflate accuracy to get sound detection, calculate the z(hits) z(false alarms) = d ,the accuracy o But assumed that the data is normally distributed to use z score o A has advantage because it does not assume normal distribution, and it is functionally corresponding to percentage Response bias (c, B, B) o Separate from accuracy o Describe direction of mistakes More likely to say silence in presence of noise Hard of hearing o Often applied to studies of memory The same matrix of shown before/never shown to ask people whether they remember/ not remember to produce hit, miss, false alarm, and correct rejection Accuracy = correct recognition false recognition Response bias = tend to remember things not seen (+), not commit to seeing (-) o For our purpose: person categorization Person is gay/straight to ask I think hes gay/ straight Accuracy = ability to tell gay from straight Response bias = tend to think everyones straight (+), tend to think everyones gay (-) Why sexual orientation? o Specific (more so compare to others) First perception: race, gender/sex, and age - cant help but notice these identities Perception actively influences our thoughts [exp] Bargh et al., 1996 of priming people age and they walk slower o Many groups are perceptually ambiguous sexual orientation Know very little about how we process these 1 May offer insight to the processes used to categorize others, generally Review and background o Sexual orientation is based on sex Inversion hypothesis by Ulrichs, 1860 What we think about as transgender today womans body with a mans soul; mans body with a womans soul. A notion of a cross-gender person third sex hijra in India two-sprit in Blackfoot faafifine in Samoa conflated with transgender o often true of sexual orientation generally o socially constructed like race There is a biological element to it, but we are thinking about the social construction of it o Who is gay? (Savin-Williams, 2006) Anywhere from 1-21% of population, depending on Sexual attraction Sexual behavior Sexual identity Depends on how one defines it o Homosexuality: a long history Cave painting as far back as 7,000 to 9,000 B.C. Ancient Egypt, Greece had some level of societal acceptance Japan prior to Westernization (1873) Nowadays, more repression towards homosexual, influenced from the West
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