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Lecture 6

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Alison Chasteen

Lecture 6:  Self-report scales  Costs vs. benefits  Modern Racism Scale  Positives: efficiency, explicit, subjective  Negatives: Social desirability, measurement error, demand effects  not giving their true responses not to look good, trying to figure out what the experimenter is looking for  Modern racism scale is not so explicit. Not asking how much you like the group, rather they are asking about your thoughts regarding issues about blacks  However maybe the modern racism scale was not that different from the old fashioned racism scale. Larger correlation.  Confounds prejudice with conservatism: political and racial attitudes, dimensionality.  People might quickly figure out that this scale measures racism,  Reactivity of the Modern Racism Scale:  Fazio  White participants with high MRS scores  2 administration of MRS administered by black or white experimenter, MRS part of a larger opinion survey. Responses are going to be entered into computer personally by the white or black experimenter.  Results: both conditions have a decrease in prejudice levels when their responses are entered personally, however the black experimenter condition have a larger decrease. They went from prejudiced to low prejudiced! O.o  MRS is reactive.  Reaction Time Measures  Evaluative priming technique:  Priming task: face followed by adjective  Dual task  Task 1: Learn faces: black or white  Task 2: judge balance of adjectives  Measurements: Facilitation scores = baseline – prime. Higher numbers means greater facilitation  The white participants were the most prejudiced and the least prejudiced ones according to the MRS  Baseline is when the words are judged without any face.  Results Black participants: perceived a positive word faster when presented with a black face than a white face. Perceived a negative word faster when presented with a white face than a black face.  Results White participants: perceived a positive word faster when presented with a white face than a black face. Perceived a negative word faster when presented with a black face than a white face. MRS did not predict who would show the prejudice.  Alternative Prejudice Scale:  Plant and Devine  Internal and external motivation to respond without prejudice  Internal motivation (IMS): it is personally important to be non-prejudiced toward black people  External Motivation (EMS): Social norms.  Plant and Devine quadrant: 1. Low in IMS and EMS: really prejudiced 2. High in IMs and EMS: low prejudiced. 3. High in IMS and low in EMS: low prejudiced. 4. Low in IMS and high in EMS: they will be prejudiced implicitly but depending on situations, they might or might not show their prejudice.  Plant and Devine (1998):  Participants completed IMS/EMS in mass testing  In the lab: participants rated traits for descriptiveness of Blacks (given privately or publicly)  Prediction: who should show the greatest difference in ratings between public vs. private conditions.  High external and low internal conditions would show the greatest difference between private and public opinions.  IAT  Motivation:  Goal, driven desire, directionalattraction, influence behaviour  Theoretical Perspectives: the In-Group as a source of motivation  Social Identity Theory (Tajfel)  3 components: 1. we are motivated to maintain a positive self-concept 2. Parts of our self-concepts are based on group memberships 3. In order to feel good about ourselves, we need to feel good about our groups. Compare our in-groups favourably to ou
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