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Lecture 4

PSY336H1F Lecture 4 May 22

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Dan Dolderman

PSY336H1F L4 May 22 2014Not primed w pictureso Power questionnaire o Opportunity to gamble Happiness o Saliva sampleo HP 86 gamble 20 increase in testosterone 25 If you want to be happy practice compassion decrease in cortisol If you want others to be happy practice compassion o LP 60 gamble 10 decrease in t 15 increase in cDalai LamiCan this be applied in meaningful ways Important in social threat situations evaluative situationsThink about someone you know or have known that you felt o HPLP poses great tenderness towards o 5min job interview o I knew him o No nonverbal feedbackNow think about something that you do thats fairly concreteHated more than negativityspikes cortisol that you know is not smart is harmful to yourself o Coders double blind dont know hypothesis decide to o Ex msgs you send yourself body image issues hire HP posers procrastination bad physical habits o They bring Presence to speechpassion enthusiasmconfidence authentic comfortable captivating Amy Cuddy Your body language shapes who you are youtube We want to change your posture for 2min Our bodies can change our mind our minds can change our bhvrsDo an audit of your body our bhvrs can change our outcomes o Making yourself smaller ex hunching vs spreading outHaving your core identity taken awayfeel powerlessWe are particularly interested in other ppls body languageStop saying youre not supposed to be hereeventually o Nonverbal languagecommunicationinteraction youll forget thisfeel powerful o Ex hand shake or lack ofFake it til you become itJudgements of body language predict meaningful life o You internalize it outcomeso Ex audio clips of physicians less likely to be sued if Tiny tweaksbig changes sounds niceNever regret how you leave a situation o Ex 1second of senate faces predict outcomesTry a power poseshare the science o Ex using emoticons helps success End of videoPower dominance expansion is universal across animalkingdom Emotions are interconnected systems o Pride both blindseeing ppl expand armsEmotionsacute fluctuating rapidly changing adaptive to o Do opposite when powerless envtWe complement the others nonverbalsdo the opposite o Once not adaptive anymorefadeo If left physiological would stay functional MBA students o But then we evolved to become more cognitivelyGenderrelated sophisticated o Women feel chronically less powerful than men o We can now stabilize the emotionAlso related to extent of participationMoodsrelatively unchanging cognitively stabilizedemotions Can you fake it til you make itCuddy our emotional wellbeing is easy pushed aroundDo our nonverbal govern how we think and feel about o Habitual postures ourselves o Triggers by envts we tend to put ourselves in o Smiling can make you feel happyI want to be a happier person o Same for powerpretendingfeel powerful o We dont spend much time talking about power posesOur minds change our bodies so do our bodies change or as much as we talk about fashion minds o Social discourse on happiness has more to do w o Thoughts feelings physiological hormones external envtless to do w our internal responses thatMinds of the powerful construct our wellbeing every moment o More assertive confident optimistic even in agmes ofBig dif btwn abstract does money buy happiness vs simpler chance able to think more abstractly would a little bit more money make you happierPhysiologically powerful o These Qs ask dif things o High testosterone dominance hormone Low cortisol ndo 2 Q changing immediate envt stress hormoneEx change affective state thru music shopping o Affects stress response therapy oless reactive to stress more laid backDoesnt sustainably work o Role changes to an alphamore powerful hormoneNot talking about emotions anymore changesShift in general baselineLab Our bodies change our mindso Saliva sampleOur happiness bounces around o 2 min high or low power poses o Baseline we come back toVery low power when touching neck o Deviate from baseline all the time protection
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