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Lecture 3

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Dan Dolderman

Lecture 3What about using a collective purchasing power to influence govt changeIf everyone stops buying things they will stop selling itEasy to put of flyers and signs saying dont buy this bc it is badBut if your target population is students how much of an effect are you going to have Effective communicationsWhat are you speaking to Who is your target marketHow are you going to frame your communications Has to be easy Purchasing power is more in the frame of how we frame and navigate our worldHard to frame your message until you know who your audience isWithin an audience eg student you have 2 diff perspectives people who are thinking of things in a consumeristic way and people who are not must frame your arguments in 2 different wayso Approach vs avoidance benefits vs costs loss vs gains etcNegative frames tend to be more effectiveo Value frames based on values people hold try to frame issues in ways that they will understand best Impt bc activates schemas that maymay not be in someones mind when you frame things in terms of consumerism activate schemas about economicsEg in a frame that is more religiousspiritual a money argument might just fall flatmust use an argument with a spiritual framework Must know your reasons for promoting the behaviours understanding who you are talking to helps you understand the frames you must use when talking to themKnow your audience know their values and then you can frame your argumentsKnowing these helps you choose the right words t
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