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Lecture 9

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

Lecture 9 Your mind and its functioning to some degree comes from the outside o The envt becomes part of your mind part of your experience part of your interactionRelationship bt the Outside World and the Inside WorldObjective and subjective factorsaffects perceptionOur perceptions and reality are not always the same o We filter reality through our schemas neural nets etc o Bottom up realitydrivenprocesses and bottom up selfdrivenprocesses create our realityo Subjective or personal characteristics also have something to do with our perception Can measure objective features eg noisepatterns consistency qualities o Noise will affect our perception of a person o Louder noise is worse intermittent noise is worse harder to habituate Personal characteristics eg if the noise is music and you like that kind of music it will not be perceived as noise o Goals are also impt eg goal to party noise will be perceived as good goal to study this same noise might not be experienced in the same wayo Adaptation level also affects thiseg if adapted to living in quiet rural town then move to Toronto a loud city will experience the city as wild In contrast if you are adapted to living in Hong Kong and then move to Toronto might experience Toronto as dullo If you change your goals you will construe situations differently If you find objective conditions aversive eg too hot you could succumb to it flee to cooler building or you could change your frame o Could frame cold as being YAY its cold I feel aliveframe adopted guides perceptionso Eg on cloudy day you think Its gloomy or a crappy daythis is subjective evaluationIn some areas of the world when it rains they run outside and dance There is a subjective choice being made Can change your inthemoment physical experience through physical sensation o Room for gaining control over your perceptionsPersonal characteristics subjective moderate evaluation of objective evaluations to create perceptioncome to conclusion of something being okay or not okayo What happens when things are not okay too hot too cold too loud etcthis decision we make is so heavily influenced by personal characteristic and our personal characteristics are often choseno Eg crowding is the subjective perception of too many people around you If your goal is to dance it might be crowded but otherwise you might perceive it as being fine or not too crowdedWhen people go camping they might go to interact with people so the campsites beside them are awesomeOr they might go to be with nature and find this crowdedo The impact of the objective things is dramatically changed by personal characteristics o Control exists at the personal characteristics levels and some control at objective level o We make choices about where we go and how we arrange our envt to change the objective stuff but sometimes we are where we are and this cannot be changedo Much of our control exists at a construal levelFeeling of okayhomeostasisFeeling of Not okay has been looked at from 4 perspectives arousal perspective stress perspective reactance perspective and cognitive load perspective
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