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Sacred Space and Making the World Sacred

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University of Toronto St. George
Arti Dhand

Sacred Space and Making the World SacredThrough out the reading there were a lot of aspects that were considered important for example the section on homogeneity of space and hierophany in the first paragraph when god is speaking to Moses and he says Draw not nigh hither says the lord to Moses put off thy shoes from thy feet for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground This quote is important because god is referring to a sacred space and he is ordering Moses not to come any closer and to take his shoes off because the idea of sacred space is to be clean and pure therefore removing unsanitary human articles would be a sign of respect in this case his shoes This reading also talks about how even nonreligious people can have their own holy places in their private universe So in order for a person to have their own personal private space they dont necessarily have to be religious In regards to having a specific destination for a sacred place this reading states that a sacred space can be anywhere therefore it has no assigned destination allowing people to connect with God This is a very interesting aspect because it allows people to select their own sacred space Fo
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