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University of Toronto St. George
Arti Dhand

RLG100 Lecture 24 Wednesday, January 8, 2014 Indic Worldview: -opposite to that of the Western position in terms of their outlook on the experience of the world -don’t make the same kind of assumptions as the Western traditions -Indic and East Asian traditions Ex: time, creation -Western view on time= linear -Indic/East Asian= cyclical pattern -Samsara (3) -means ‘the world’, in Sanskrit -the understanding of the experience of the world and how time moves -the world itself as we experience it inevitably creates stress -Indic traditions are concerned with alleviating this stress to find peace rather than freedom from sin -Indic interpretation of the world experience is that it is a place of stress and dissatisfaction due to the fact that the world is always changing -and how to find peace and tranquillity within this constant state of change -Punarjanma (4) -just as everything else goes through this process of change and REBIRTH so do we -means ‘rebirth’ -live out a lifetime in one body -as that body ages and dies the spirit within does not die but is reborn in another body where it lives out another life in a continuous cyclical pattern -the body is not who we ultimately, our spirit is who we really are and that spirit will live on in other bodies over time The Ladder of Existence -4 basic realms of existence we can be reborn into -Divine Form -Humans -Animals -Ghostly Form -Karma is what determines where you will be reborn into on the ladder -one of the other basic
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