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Jainism NotesJanuary 17 2011 Sramana TraditionGroups of people who rejected Vedic traditioncharacterized of giving up the social world and embrace of homelessness Asthetic traditionFocuses on disciplining the body and depriving the body of all sorts of basic comforts food etc Also expose themselves to extreeties Concerned with moral questions ex How can we justify religion if it means harming other people Structured around the teachings of 24 teachers who appear in different points of history The teachers instruct and guide people on the right path They usually appear on the downward phase of the cycleguidance gto go back up again These teachers are morally disciplinedset out guidelines on how to live a morally reformed lifethere to refresh human learning and to remind us of the core principles of learningTrithankara Bridge builderThe bridge that we can get from Sungsar to Moksha Also called Jina one who has conquered the self temptation distress etcThe one closest to us isVardhamana KasyapaMahaviraReferred to as the founder of Jainism Mahavira is a great hero He is said to have lived between 529 and 527 BCEelder contemporary of the Buddha He was one who brought happiness to people but in his lifestyle he was a Sramana He is patient with hardship and calamity He has developed an indifference to pain and pleasure Rich in self controlHe was a successful Sramanaconquered the cycle of birth and deathHe was a character of extraordinary compassion to other beingsHagiographyFaith account of an individual the gospelsThe hagiography of Mahaviras life differ marry or not married and stayed with his parents
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