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Andre Maintenay

th RLG100Y JAN 10 Traditions of south asia Indic world view A whole different way of looking at the world, our relationship to the world and others Indic world view: 1. Anladi: literally means without beginning. it refers to the way the universe works. It moves constantly, internally, the universe is always flowing but always changes, so we see transformation both dramatically and slightly. 2. Kala: the movement of time. (Western: time begins when the universe begins. God created both.) The south Asian tradition understands time in a different way. As the universe going, time moves in a wave-like pattern. Sometimes the physical universe is degenerating, sometimes evolving, According to this pattern. The moral, spiritual movement is sometimes up and other times down. -------------Jain understanding Time moves in cyclical pattern. The physical and moral movement emerge, evolves, matures and goes down, setting the next development and is eventually destroyed. The universe is created in one moment and then evolves in a certain pattern. Once it reaches its peak, it degenerate again. Before the final destroy, it starts the next cycle. Its self-destructive.the cycles is divided into 4 different phases. These phases are called Yuga. ---------Hindu understanding Yuga---age: 1 stage: Human are physically and morally clean, uncorrupted. The world is w
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