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Hinduism- Paths to Heaven part 1

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University of Toronto St. George
Andre Maintenay

World Religions February 28 - th Hinduism: Paths to Heaven Reading: Ch. 5 The Hindu Tradition, pp. 259-281 Vital diff bw Hinduism vs. Buddhism & Jainism Hinduism retains Vedas as core scripture, however Buddhism & Jainism reject Vedas as scripture Vedas composed of 4 strands of literature: 1. SamhitasManitras hymns, 10 cycles of hymns, uses dense poetic language 2. Brahmanas ritualistic commentary on primary strand; reflect on original poems of Vedas and try to unpack the denseness and try to apply it in a ritualistic way; details of sacrifice, who will perform, what it should look like 3. Aranyaras to do with the forest, these are texts that are composed in the context of the forest, wilderness environment; concerned with philosophical questions 4. Upanisads image of secrecy, material here is of esoteric quality and not material that is widely, intellectually accessible to everybody, but passed on closely bw relationship of master and student; philosophical foundation of Hindu tradition; concerned with imparting liberative knowledge that only gifted few would have the aptitude for Historical progression from oldest, ritualistic, philosophical questioning, and then philosophical concern Upanisads
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