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Hinduism- Paths to Heaven part 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Andre Maintenay

World Religions February 28 -th Hinduism: Paths to Heaven Reading: Ch. 5 The Hindu Tradition, pp. 259-281 Hinduisms critics of Buddhism and Jainism Hinduism had critic of Buddhism and Jainism, on basis that although traditions had admirable philosophies, only targeted people who were concerned with moksha Earliest manifestations of Buddhism are monastic, same with Jainism Hinduisms critic was only addressed spiritual concerns of gifted spiritual few, who had these sentiments about suffering in the world The vast majority of people on other hand, are quite content to live in the world, more harmonious life, however have no interest in moksha, no idea that there is such a thing or that it is worth aspiring to Leaves majority without any guidance Ultimately speaking, kinds of philosophies these traditions evolved, are not practical for living in the world, marvelous for Sansar One point of sexuality ad other is ahensa In monastic traditions, expectation is that if you have started out on BuddhismJainism path, given up any sexual satisfaction, left familysociety gone off into forest,
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