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Methods for the Study Religion; Presuppositions of the Western Traditions

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Andre Maintenay

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Methods for the Study Religion; Presuppositions of the Western Traditions Reading: Ch. 11 The Nature of Religion, pp. 541-566 September 29 , 2010. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all explicitly trace their origins back to the same source, the experience of God, thats recorded by the ancient Hebrew people in the Hebrew Bible God of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is believed by all traditions to be the same as the God worshipped by Abraham Similarities of Christianity, Islam & Judaism: All traditions have similarities in terms of beliefs, how they define themselves, conceptualize themselves, family of religions Abrahamic religions or Western traditions: All are messianic tradition: concepts of messiah figure Monotheistic traditions Sacred days of worship Scriptural traditions Super cosmic being who transcends the universe and exists outside space and time Supreme being is all mighty, possessing infinite power to as as being omniscient Conjecture that human beings are made in the image of this being who is benevolently disposed to the world, interested in the welfare of human beings All traditions asser
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