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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Walid Saleh

Dority September 24th Religion Lecture 3 o Tutorials will be every other week divided into sections o Hebrew word for bible berit o For today look at Passover in the textbook o What are the 8 there are 9 symbolismo Torah has a specific and general meaning 5 books of Moses compared to the whole bible very general its the law o In this class we usually refer to it as the 5 books of Moses o Penta5 5 books o The tower of babel build a tower to reach the lord from phipoliean islands to here in North Americao But then the lord destroyed the tower mainly he created languages so we couldnt operate story in Genesis o The flood to Abraham then the families stories from very cosmic to very individual in Genesiso The word bible has two meanings Judaism vs Christianity o Psalm 23 the lord is my Shepard our English language is mirrored by this language and writing o Solomon the women fighting over who is mother of the child o When you travel to Europe all the ancient art etc is religious based o What is Passover as ritual and festivity EXAM o IsraelIsraeliteJewish oCovenant genesi
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