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RLG LEc 8 y Midterm7 terms and explain the term y After the temple is gone jews are now dispersing disaspora now they have to reinvent themselves that lives outside what was considered ot be the promise land its politically powerless its widespread and its centre of its ritual practice has been destroyed y Rabbinic post secondary JudaismRabbileader organizer of the community to be a rabbi one had to go to school for it and be ordained orientation of sacrifice is gone and it is focusing on interiorization the temple no longer exists physically but it lives within the jewish in their heart no longer focused on outerior life but interioir between god and us ethics and morals love and kindness this is where the synagogue comes to place ppl came together for communion prayers and worship here we failed God before and that was why ppl were exiled out of the temple this is why morality is now emphasized major form of piety was the study of scripture just like the Phariseesscripture becomes a source of holding the community together we can improve our ways thru the word scripture becomes the mode of organizing life structuring jewish practicerabbinical Judaism 100ce1800 ce its based on interpreting sacred scripture and oral tradition y Development of scripture canon of
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