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RLG305H1 Lecture Notes - Immanence, Mezuzah, The Guardians Of Time

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Simon Coleman

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Lec 04 - Oct 4 Material Rlg
2 view of materiality and rlg
inside” - varied of materiality from positive to neg
outside/social scientific view” - rlg exists through materiality no matter what the rlgios
-we cant say things force us to believe but rlg commitment is embodied and embedded
in our social cultural environment which are sometime implicit or explicit
-Sometimes its the implicit that are the strongest its easier to argue implicit
-I.e. The smashing of buildings in england or the thesis that luther posted
-Even the breaking of images and the reaction of breaking things in relation to religion
is still a form a of materiality
-start to see how looking itself is not through a vacuum but in occurs in placrs and spa-
ces that form material rlg
-There has been a shift of how people look at rlg - there has been a spacial term where
people have looked at these spaces in dif way
-These are different way of looking at rlg matter …
-Shifts in the stify of rlg
-Spatial term
-Materal term
-Bodily term
Space and Place
Space : 3 ‘spheres of analysis;
-sacred spaces on ecloses buildings
-Sacred landscapes (the relationship btw buildings-where spaces may compete with
each other)
-Mapping - top which has been neglected, the making of maps and how one thinks
about much wider spaces of the glode, and over view of charactry, the gods of view of
being up in the sky, looking at things from the perspective of a map
-Looking at these spheres 2 dif analytical perspectives on these sacred spaces.
-1. The phenomenology/Experience
-I.e. Eliade, sacred spaces have theses experiential effects, the polticis of the
space, who is controlling who.
-Th. Extent to whoch spaves and perspectives effect us - is there a power di-
mention there?
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