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Lecture 7

lecture 7 notes

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Rotman Commerce
Yu Wang

RSM 460 LEC 7 Page 3 Job Performance Citizenship performance is behaviors is not listed in the company protacle and are not required. Help co-workers, work overtime. Task Performance is still the most important because its the main part of work However some managers still put some emphasis on counterproductive and citizenship when doing evaluation. Counterproductive: destroy the companys performance. Gossip, noisy, destroy others work, bring down moral. Page 4 Performance data = trait + behavior(ovjective) + outcome (objective) Use behavior and outcome for administrative purpose coz objective Use trait and behavior for developmental purpose, give specific info Page6 Relative Judgment: compare one employees performance with that of the other. differentiate employees performance Disadvantage of Relative judgment: is hard to compare across different department. Does not show the size of performance gap the does not help employee to improve. Paired comparison: list people
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