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Lecture 8

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University of Toronto St. George
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Karen Ing

Lecture 8 feb 5  Ozone (compound o3) o Pollutant in troposphere: having ozone in th troposphere is bad  Ground level ozone (fog in the streets)  Its not a direct chemical produced by cars it results from secondary reactions air pollutants and contributes to smog formation in urban centre o the car will put out NOx + VOCs produce O3 in the presence of sunlight o This can disturb plant tissue, affect crops and forests and human health o Ozone is naturally produced component in the stratosphere, the same compound we see sometimes on ground level  Its good in the stratosphere shield’s earth from UV radiation and so it is essential for human life protection  In 1976 thinning of ozone over Antarctica noted and hit record low lvls in 2000  Effects of ozone depletion o More UV radiation reaches earth (this is bad) o Damage to ecosystems; they break down plant material o Human health problems  More cataracts  More skin cancer  Weakened immunity  Causes of ozone thinning o CFCs (manmade chemical) halons industrial solvents o First used in 1960 o These chemicals were cheap and easy to use/produce o Were eventually banned  Recovery of the ozone layer o 1987 montreal protocol-phase out CFCs o By 07 191 countries participating o Industry substitutes such as hydrofluroca
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