ENV200H1 Lecture : Lecture Note for Jan 20th

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14 Feb 2011

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Sustainable development - achieve it, sustainable consumption: growing movement known as voluntary simplicity. Tragedy of the common: motivate a global response. If we lower our population there would still be a time lag. Sustainable development: it ties up economic growth and decisions, advanced about how decisions are made in our economic. Dilemma around sustainable development: global economic growth, everyone in the community get out of poverty, see some sort of economic growth. Wants the international community to have a broadly-based participation, that causes a problem, different radical social theories on how it should work, do this by consensus. Sustainable consumption: moving away from over consumption, using services and resources for basic needs only. The poor will need to increase consumption in order to increase there basic needs, we will require lifestyle changes if we want to spread the resources around. Growing movement of voluntary simplicity: marketers are a happiness of material good but maybe not so.