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University of Toronto St. George
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Karen Ing

ENV 221 lec 2 y Tutorial 1 stbring to you 1 tutorial a half pg typewritten paragraphs which addresses your reactions to the orr readings which questioned the value of the current education in 3 remaining tutorials choose a reading and prepare half a page typewritten submission ex summary reflection response no more than 250 words you also need to submit 2 discussionmore details will be discussed in tutorial y Environmental Ethics application of ethical standards to relationship between humans and nonhuman entities concern once ppl perceive env changes brought about industrialization some questions an env ethics person would askdiscuss ex obligations to future generationssustainable development should ppl care about the sustainability of the world now and help out future generations Or should we just not care and do whatever we want we we want the env and have the future generations deal with the problems themselves later disproportionate share of pollutionis it ok for some ppl to be living high polluted areas human justification for driving species to extinction what should ppl do eat meat or starve yWorldviews in env ethics it reflects a persons or groups beliefs about the meaning operation and essence of the world different worldviews can study the same situation review identical data but draw different conclusions influ
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