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University of Toronto St. George
School of Environment
Paul Muldoon

Province  Upper tier (counties) / Lower Tier (cities towns village) Large cities  Toronto Planning is dedicated to municipalities except for section 3  Toronto has the power of both  Official Plan – what space they envisioned the future will be  The planning principle they are aspire to  GTA areas: controversial boundaries  Sub-division plan/ secondary plan = Zoning designation for each area o Zoning by-law: what is permitted and what is not permitted in the streets.  Dictates the nature of that neighbourhood, law set by city councillor, some applied to the whole city, but some limited to some district,  Tree by-law: when diameter is more than 1 foot (12 inches), you have to get the permission by the city to cut it down  Changes to the bylaw Committee of adjustment  appeal  decide whether it is appropriate or not  The municipal board will travel across these province to make these decisions o Legal but non-conforming use  It was there before, then they changed the by-law, they cannot remove it, but will remain there  Wonderland – 1990 : many developers bought that land 10 years ago and debating what it should be, and hope it could be zone the way it wants.  Construction of Condos:  Commercial  residential tax
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