SOC201H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Michel De Montaigne, Protestantism, World View

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Published on 31 Jan 2013
Soc201 lecture 4
Pop quiz- “practical consequences” by Emile Durkheim
1. According to Durkheim, suicide is normal. (p.363) T
2. An increasing rate of suicide is the inevitable price of progress (p.368) F
3. Moral penalties such as refusing a regular burial to people who commit suicide-
would reduce the suicide rate (p.371) F
4. In modern society, the altruistic form of suicide is disappearing (p. 373)
5. As a new barrier against suicide Durkheim proposes the corporation (p.378)
Reader- page 98 missing
Suicide before Durkheim (not test material)
1. In Catholic religion
2. In French law
3. In philosophy- Michel de Montaigne
Suicide by Emile Durkheim (1897) (testable)
1. Why study suicide?
o A test case: (socialist party) Michels: wants equality in society. Choosing a
political party where its least likely to find inequality. Choosing a subject
matter where it seems very unpromising.
o An index of social solidarity
1. Mechanical and organic
Mechanical: associated with tradition society. Mechanical
as a means of repetition. So seeing the same people over
and over again.
Organic: associated with modern society. Interdependence,
reliance on each other and cooperation. As long as people
contribute together, society will work
Solidarity: feeling of being connected to others, as part of a
whole in society
2. Concept: Durkheim claims the idea of likeness, similarity
3. People feel connected to others because they see similarities
4. Durkheim says atomization does not exist because people
5. Not saying there is less or more suicide between mechanical or
6. Normal in a sense for Durkheim, that all societies have crime
7. Suicide is a normal phenomenon that it is present in all societies,
what changes is not the incidence of it but what kind it is
8. Different kind of solidarity leading to different kinds of suicide
2. Rates, race and imitation
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