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Lecture 3

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Vannina Sztainbok

SOCB22: Lecture 3 January 21, 2013 Midterm: Know the basic arguments & identify the main arguments + terminology. Gender in Sociological Theory  How does gender organize our experiences?  How are positions of power organized in our society?  Women as a special class, a special case, outside of modernity, not like men Functionalist theories  Structural functionalist: meeting the needs in society  Gender roles are also functional  Women= nurturing, men= hunting & gathering  Contemporary societies: functionalist of gender roles within the modern family - Example: men have an instrumental role & the mother has an expressive role- she negotiated the relationships within the family  Critique: looks at gender roles as complementary, it does not look at how they are dysfunctional (inequalities)  It looks at gender as solely something that is within the heterosexual family Symbolic interactionism  Micro view of gender: look at how gender is produced in a night club - Example: house work: how men and women have different roles  Critique: doesn’t put enough emphasis on the macro, it focuses on the micro issues of power  It doesn’t address how other factors such as race and class affect gender Conflict Theory  Marxism: class struggle of a capitalist society  Conflict within the classes is a defining feature of history  Class struggle  2 classes: - Bourgeoisie - Working class  They saw families being divided within two groups  Capitalism is putting groups in competition with each other  Groups that are less privileged or less powerful are the ones who do the worst work - Example: women do work that are less powerful  Marxism did not treat gender other than economic  Marxism provides tools for gender hierarchy production Socialization Theory  We learn gender roles in our families  Schools Feminist standpoint theory: - People’s knowledge is informed by their social position - Marginalized are positioning to potentially question and gain awareness of social order - Research from point of view of marginalized is valuable, leads to important insights - The way that powers structure in society Gender Hierarchy  First wave Feminism:
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