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Lecture 7

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University of Toronto St. George
Robert Brym

Lecture 7 – October 24, 2012 1. Premised by culture a. Humans have “underdeveloped instincts” – we are not born knowing our behaviors i. We require symbolic systems (culture) to compensate for lack of instincts b. People assume that male and female are the only two sexes across time and societies i. FALSE ii. Intersexed - some are born with biological characteristics of both male and female genitalia 2. Idea of Third Gender a. Transgender – person who’s gender identity does not match their birth sex i. Some present as either male or female, while others present as a third gender, neither male nor female b. Misrecognition – something that is culturally constructed but we ignore that and pin it on nature, because we don’t want to accept it c. Two-Spirit – born male but also wear and do work of women i. Typically married men and filled “wife” role ii. Not considered female, considered to be part male and part female rd (3 gender category) iii. Given special roles and traditions, (bless babies), institutionalizes the 3 gender d. Hijra (India) i. Born men who castrate and only have sex with men e. Travesti (Brazil) i. Born male, appear female, but not interested in being female 1. Have intact penises and keep it that way 2. Have sex with men f. Lots of people have trouble accepting this because of ethnocentrism (north American culture has no place for third gender [yet]) 3. Sex is a social construction 4. Socialization of Gender a. Barbie shows girls how to act as women (look, dress, please men, be consumers, 5. Doing Gender a. Gender is not set of traits that reside within individuals, but something that we DO in social interactions b. Gender is omnirelevant because you cannot avoid having your gender assessed by others throughout int
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