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ndSOC LectureOctober 2TA office hours Tuesday October 15 230430 pm Kusang 725 Spadina Room 225 Spadina and BloorthMini proposal submissionOctober 18Socialization is a lifelong process by which peopleLearn their cultureincluding norms values and roles role behavior is expected of a person occupying a particular position in society Become aware of themselves as they interact with others Unleash ones potential ie becoming fully humanFormation of the self The self a sense of individual identity that allows us to understand who we are in relation to others and to differentiate ourselves from them Formation of a sense of self begins in childhood and continues into adolescenceCrystallization of selfidentity during adolescence is just one episode in a lifelong process of socialization Changing theories about selfFreud Only social interaction allows the self to emerge Cooley Looking glass self Mead I individual impulses self as subject and Me generalized other self as subject Goffman Multiple selvesGender socializationProcess through which individuals learn to become feminine and masculine according to the expectations current in their society Gilligan demonstrated sociological factors help explain differences in sense of self that boys and girls usually developSax 2005 points out boys are more difficult to raise when it comes to discipline physical safety and school Girls are more difficult when it comes to selfesteem issues and communication at a later age Agents of SocializationFamiliesthe most important agent of primary socialization which is process of mastering basic skills required to function in society during childhood
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