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15 Dec 2010

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-Theory vs. ideology theory is more than desperate and opinion ideology blinds and distorts,
we need historical background
- History is to society has memory is to the individual
- Pre Socratic thinkers who preceded Socrates, one must know historical sociological
approach o understand this, history of social structure and context and biography and
history, role of indi in history, situate thinker in context, needed to understand the human
- Plato had to concern himself with society at the time to get rid of defects in those.
- Oligarchy-rule of the few, not one royalty or monarchy and not many rule of the people
-democracy- rule of the people
-oriental(asian) despotism all power concentrated in hands of the ruling, Pharaoh(house)
of Egypt, Max Weber tells us from his view is his oisks and the rich are his servants,
Pharaoh not murderous but did contribute to society engineers to the nile, nile would flood
its banks, they found out how to regulate the rivers, positive contribution, artificial
irrigation regulated, not only brains of conductor of it, Persia at the time good example of
Asian despotism, relative to Plato because of Battle of Marathon
Tyrant ruled in own inters didnt give a damn about anyone not to confused with despotism
- Marathon, Greco-persian wars, Greeks were living in city-states, polis(politics) Greeks
lived in, Pan-Hellenic religion zeus, they were disunited, Greeks won battle of marathon,
- Counter factual thought experiment all
engage in it, go that way instead of that way, weber feels if you dont apply counter factual
and dont focus on consequences your just telling a story, what if Persia had won, no
Athenian democracy, impose there regime and highly probable all of western history would
have been diffent crushed institution that made liberal democracy
- Persian greek wars because Heradotus father of history first historian in western
history,describes nature of political system,
- No unity in Greece, nations modern term, in that time you had ethnic groups or tribes who
were at each other throats
- Thucydides, some cities sided with Persia, tells us abouth the polyponesian war in
Spartan area lasted for 27 years life and death struggle between Sparta and her allies and
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