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Lecture 3

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Robert Brym

Sociology LEC3 Wednesday September 28 2011 Download lectures Social Interaction y facetoface communication acting and reacting in relation to one another dyad two person group status is a recognized position in a social interaction y when we behave in an expected way we are contributing to a role how people in a particular way should behaviour is a given situation y when people in different statuses interactlaughter is typically is unevenly distributed people with higher statuses receive more laughs those with lower statuses laugh more Ie Men receive more laughs and women laugh more y Downward humoury Status hierarchythose high in the hierarchy seem witty as they crack more jokes those who are lower in the hierarchy seem less humorous and crack less jokes y Laughter is not as spontaneousinvoluntary as it seems y The amount of laughter shows the status of people within a dyadic conversation y Sociologicallyour social status is hidden beneath our laughs that show who laughs and who gets laughed at y We cant control our bodies response y Ie more socially isolated are more depressed weaker immune system are systematically more prone to catch a cold or flu within a society y Emotions are controlled although we are not awarethey dont just
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