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Soc383 - Lecture 1 Terms Immigrants- people who have legally gained the right to stay as permanent residence temporary migrants - temporarily in a country temporary workers - who come to canada for a job but only temporrily - usually men somtimes women.. migrants - refering to everyone (either perminant or not ) - someone who has a perminant change in residense - odd when talking about temporary workers, since they aren't there perminantly however for a temporary period of time they changed their residence even if its not perminant Provincial migrants - moving from province to province city migrants, county migrants..... International migrant - crossing international boarders migrants - can be regularized (leagal) - have legal status.. where they cant be shiped back unless they lied or overstayed their visa - have recourse to the law Undocumented - illegally entering and staying in the country - happens if they overstay their visa that they had - visa, you get it from the country you get from, but they need to be sure that they are likely to come back Illegal status - associated with smuggling - boatloads that got droped off in maritimes - sunsea - most recent of the boats coming in from china - intercepted by RCMP - had over 300 china people claiming refugee status What is imigration policy? - way of stating desired goals -government sets how many imigrants they want per year - also decide what KIND of imagrants they want - ie skilled workers (perminant residence) - and of that they need to have a university education as well as work in an occupation that is in demand in canada Difference between Immigration and migrant policies - (same words mean different things in different contexts) -migrant policies - targetted toward foriegn born in canada - immigration policie deals with imigrants as well as migrants Migrants in saudiarabia - there is alot of people there that are migrants because they have very few workers there - so people comes in to build buildings and such - most people who are brought in are
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